H.R.C (Habitual Residency Condition), a blunt discriminatory tool

Citizenship infers certain rights and entitlements, however, these rights can be interfered with by a Department obsessed with quarterly figures and if you read the Crosscare submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social Welfare and  H.R.C, you will find evidence of an administrative device with a discriminating affect. 

The Habitual Residence Condition was brought in in 2004, and sets down criteria which must be met in order to qualify for social welfare support. This condition however, is poorly applied by C.W.Os (Community Welfare Officers) and local social welfare offices even to this day and has resulted in the denial of social welfare support to both Irish and E.U citizens among others. Figures show that of 100 people refused on HRC basis; 90 were Irish citizens ( Central HRC Unit – Oct 2007 – Nov 2008).

Here is the link to the Joint Committee on Social Protection Debate.

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