Nevermind, Smells Like Bread Baking

There are times when I  pause, smile to myself and then carry on. I had one of those grateful little moments today while experimenting in the kitchen, some refer to this past time as bread baking, but for me it’s more scientific or demonic, one of the two, I know there’s usually white coats involved at some point. So anyway, after smiling to myself and before the white coats I was thinking how lucky I was to be born in 1978. Why I hear you asking (not in my head of course), because, if you’ll give me a chance to explain, it meant I grew up in the eighties.

Now as anyone who grew up in the eighties may remember the music was dodgy, the fashion was nasty and if you grew up on benefits like me, the only highlight of the week, at times, was a bit of home-baking. Now another plus with growing up in the eighties was the nineties. Grunge was king and we had Nirvana to pump through our portable music players and no facebook profile pics to worry about, bliss. The nineties for us was like the sixties to our parents, it’ll be another 30 years before the planets converge again or what ever heavenly cycle provides a generation with musical genius, so sorry kids you’ll have to put up with ‘Gangham Style’ for another few years.

So anyway back to the baking, I thoroughly recommend it if you’ve limited income and an aversion to eating the overpriced doughy muck from supermarket labeled ‘fresh from our bakery’. It may also provide you with some reflective moments*.

*Please note, quiet reflective moments not a guarantee. These moments may, at any time, be replaced by mild to moderate possibly severe swearing, personal injury and/or property damage.

Passes the test!

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