Facilitators Spread the Rot

In today’s Irish Examiner we read that Fiona Doyle, who was subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of her father, is also looking for answers from her mother, who she alleges, facilitated the abuse by failing to protect her. The article can be accessed here

Facilitators of child abuse take many forms, but they all share the common trait of failing in their duties to protect children. If you have no idea how this works then you are one of the lucky ones, because the rest of the population knows exactly how it operates.

For every paedophile there is at least one facilitator, for serial offenders they have a circle of facilitators,  these may be either individuals or institutions, or both.  These facilitators allow child abuse to happen whether they are aware at the time or not. 

Irish society is no different to any other society. We have our rotten apples and they were allowed to spread their rot. So to ensure that every child is protected and that all our children are safe, we must examine how paedophiles operated in the past and operate now in our society along with their circle of facilitators.

Facilitators give child abusers access to children, they give character references in court, they ignore and minimise complaints. They are accessories to abuse and must to be investigated if we are serious about tackling child abuse; past, present & in the future.Image




2 thoughts on “Facilitators Spread the Rot

  1. Agree on principle but it is sometimes the case that the facilitator is themselves a victim of abuse by the same person. I have no idea if that was true in the O’Brien family; perhaps it wasn’t. We’d want to be wary about creating a situation where a person is too fearful of the abuser to come forward; finally does so; and winds up being prosecuted for not doing so earlier. That would not help the abused child, it would only encourage the “facilitator” to remain silent.

    • Absolutely correct, any investigation would be on a case by case basis. But here’s an example, I’ll try and be vague because it’s coming up in the courts soon.
      A ‘vet’ working in a ‘veterinary hospital’ abuses for over 30 yrs. ‘Her’ victims number over 300 probably closer to 500. This ‘vet’ was allowed access to children without out question or fear of whistleblowers.
      You’re correct in pointing out that facilitators can also be subject to abuse, and these are questions that need answers in understanding the mechanics of abuse in this country.

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