‘The Commandments of the Respectable’ Padraic Mac Piarais


Pádraig had a sense of humour which is evident in his addition to the ten commandments relating to middle class ‘respectable’ Dublin society which he abhorred, the following appeared in ‘An Macaomh’, 1913;

“1. Thou shalt not be extreme in anything – in wrong doing lest thou be put in gaol, in right doing lest thou be deemed a saint

2. Thou shalt not give away thy substance lest thou become a pauper

3. Thou shalt not engage in trade or manufacture lest thy hands become grimy

4. Thou shalt not carry a brown paper parcel lest thou shock Rathgar

5. Thou shalt not have an enthusiasm lest solicitors and their clerks call thee a fool

6. Thou shalt not endanger thy job

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