Warning: This is not rocket science



Last Monday saw the release of a report entitled Suicide in Ireland 2003-2008 by the 3T’s (Turn the Tide of Suicide) based on research undertaken by Prof Kevin Malone and his team at UCD. This research involved the kind participation of 103 families from 23 counties to explore lives lived in the hope of dispelling myths with facts and answering question with honesty, devoid of political spin. In essence, the report launched this week sets the standard for further research in Ireland, so badly needed and I would encourage you to download the report  here.

“This is not rocket science”

The qualities of basic humanity, empathy and compassion cannot be produced academically it seems. 66% of families interviewed for this research stated a negative or very negative experience with health services in this country before the loss of their loved one, 45% of families also rated exposure to the Justice system (Gardaí etc) negatively or very negative. There is also evidence provided in the report of incidence of bullying and intimidation in the education system before the loss of a loved one.

“Overall, over 70% of families felt “more could have been done” surrounding the suicide death of their loved one “

(Suicide in Ireland 2003-2008).


Empathy, compassion and an ability to listen is not rocket science, in fact is doesn’t require any third level degree at all.

If you do have a negative experience from professionals go to the voluntary agencies, they do what they do because they care, not because they’re paid to care.

So If you’re worried about how you are feeling or how someone you know is feeling please, please contact an organisation like SOSAD Ireland or call the 1 life helpline on 1800 247 100 and if you get a chance have a look at the report. 


Diagram used in Safetalks and Asist training to explain the importance of community involvement in suicide prevention


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