Please note; Dinner will be late this evening.


Throw down your mops! On second thoughts pick them up and hold them high. Confused, you should be.  Nothing in life is ever black and white and that includes the perpetual genderised fight for freedom and equality.

Although the fight for equality often raises its’ ugly head in the workplace with all those sparkling glass ceilings, I believe the home is just as real a battlefield. 


This summer an American Corporation called Swiffer launched an ad campaign for its’ new steam mop using the feminist icon ‘Rosie the Riveter’ ( she had ditched her mop to build fighter planes during WW2). They was uproar, and the company removed the images offering apologies to the offended group (their female customers). Read the article from the Huffington post here, and a piece in the Washington Post here.

Although rejecting housework is so tempting in the fight for equality, it still has to be done, cause even if we win, we’ll still have to do half of it! So how about rejecting the sexist corporations their ad agencies, and taking the power back?

Housework and feminine past-times need not be seen as tools of oppression, but opportunities for dissent. I found this paper on the internet while avoiding said housework entitled; ‘Knitting as Dissent: Female Resistance in America Since the Revolutionary War‘. It starts with the following line;

Primarily a feminine duty or pastime with granny connotations, knitting actually has a deliciously rich history of political subversion‘.

It made me smile.

I’ve to go now and put the dinner on.


One thought on “Please note; Dinner will be late this evening.

  1. Thank you for this! I often feel that feminists swing the pendulum so far to one side or the other that they (we?) forget to acknowledge the reality of domestic responsibility for all people. Sure, I’d love to throw my swiffer down in protest and never swiffer again, but that my discourage my fiance from vacuuming in Saturdays 😉

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