2014 an ideological year, at last

Free MargarettaIdeology, in it’s mainstream political form, has been dead for a generation. It fell out of fashion with the polity and was thought of as extinct. But politics, like, fashion, is cyclical. So don’t throw out those original flea market bell bottoms from the nineties, their day, like ideology will come, again. This could be the year for it.

First we began the year with the wonderful Margareta D’Arcy, who’s disgraceful internment at the age of 79 was as a result of a term not often referred to in the past couple of years; principles. Margareta lives by a set of ideals and principles, and she stuck to them, wow! Something unseen for a long time in this country, evident through the mixture of reactions in the media. While Margareta has strong support, and so too her stance on sticking to her principles, a portion of the media in this country either didn’t cover the story or gave a very jaundiced unsympathetic view. Certain media didn’t know how to handle the story due to inherit predudice against differing opinions, opinions different to the dominant ones they peddle every day in print and on the airwaves. The Irish Times and the Guardian covered the story better, the former even interviewing Margareta from prison and running ads on the national broadcaster, the only mention of her name most days paid for by the Irish Times.

Free PantiWell that was how the first month of the year kicked off, and now we have another challenger to the dominant values of our media in this country, Panti Bliss aka Rory O’Neill. Stephen Fry retweeted to over 6.5 million followers Panti’s groundbreaking speech at the Abbey Theatre. A person with principles, sticking to them following a set of frankly odd events after an encounter with our national broadcaster. Here is the link to Panti’s speech, please take a few minutes to watch it as it will probably go down in history judging by the amount of international attention and support it is generating.


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