Vindication for A Few Good Men (& Women) following #dail #Shattergate #Callinan

A few tried to call time on garda corruption. Whistleblowers and opposition politicians numbered a handful. Our media, an organ of democracy all quiet. Investigative journalism in this country suffocated, through fear of forced redundancy. 

 A system is never perfect. A car will always need a mechanic, a person a doctor and a democracy a media fit for purpose. 

What’s the point of a cardiac surgeon who knows there’s a block affecting the function of the heart but they clip your toe nails?

What’s the point of fooling ourselves we have a functioning democracy when the media aren’t even investigating the rot at the top?

Here is a link to the Greenslade blog concerning the enforced redundancy of investigative journalist, Gemma O’Doherty. It makes very interesting reading. 

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