On the Trail of the Bog People. #Ireland

Seamus Heaney examines the Corleck Head

Seamus Heaney was a great intellectual thinker. He still is. Though often described as akin to a great oak in the forest that is Irish contemporary literature, it is when you read his prose that the inner workings of his mind are revealed. His great roots thirsted after sustenance in the form of knowledge, particularly human knowledge. What, as people, has brought us to this point, where are we now and where are we going.

In Heaney’s early essay, ‘Feeling into Words’. He describes his fascination, from childhood, with the bogs and in it, he mentions the translated publication,’The Bog People’, by P.V Glob in 1969.

My library didn’t have it, but I was lucky enough to find a copy in a bookshop, while out clothes shopping. Needless to say I still need socks, but the books a real keeper.

I may write more on this in the future, but for anyone fascinated with human history, bogs or the contents of the National Museum, this documentary, ‘4,000 year old cold case: The Body in the Bog‘ is a must.

While many traditions die out, there is one that could see a resurgence. Between the iron age and the bronze age, weather patterns changed for the worse. It is believed failed harvests increased the number of sacrificed  kings deposited in bogs. I wonder could we do this with bankers or poor performing Taoisigh, to appease the gods?


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