HSE- Someone Needs To Shout Stop on this

In today’s Irish Times we learn that the HSE requires more savings to tackle yet another budget deficit.

“Someone needs to shout stop”

Yesterday, while in conversation with a consultant, he said he feared for the future of the Irish health service.
It could be such a good health service, but the way it’s run at the moment will lead to the cream of health care expertise leaving, and that will be a disaster he informed me.
At present, in order to meet current budget constraints, health managers hire in locums rather than fill consultant positions. This is the same HSE logic that is behind not properly hiring nursing staff and using agency nurses to fill the gaps.
It simply doesn’t make sense. The moratorium on hiring staff in the health service has artificially created an opening for private agencies to profit from public funds.
The consultants that remained with our badly run health service are being forced to look at positions abroad with proper pay and conditions.
We are going to lose the creme de la creme of medical expertise if someone doesn’t shout stop.

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