The Stupidity and Brutality of Governments.


Fed up with underfunded public services and recruitment moratoriums while the budgets for shared services increase each year (that’s contracted private service providers).

If you’ve ever applied for a discretionary medical card, housing, a school bus ticket when you live 0.3km closer to one school than your school of choice; you will know the frustration and feelings of revolt it incites having to deal with government departments and their operational guidelines.

It makes you want to scream to the automaton at the other end of the phone; have you never heard of the principles of legitimacy?

The Principles of Legitimacy (as told by Malcolm Gladwell in David & Goliath)

1. The people who are asked to obey authority have to feel like they have a voice – that if they speak up, they will be heard.

2. The law has to be predictable. There has to be a reasonable expectation that the rules tomorrow are going to be roughly the same rules as today.

3. The authority has to be fair. It can’t treat one group differently from another.

So your urge to become a revolutionary is not unfounded. In the words of Séan MacStiofáin, ‘most revolutions are not caused by revolutionaries in the first place, but by the stupidity and brutality of governments’.

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