Week 5 – Rescue Tails – Let the training begin.


Rocky taking a break. ©agsmaoineamh.com.

Four weeks ago, just after we got Bane, I went online to fetch a bargain; and I got one. O.k, four weeks is a long time to wait for a small plastic clicker, but guys, it only cost seventy US cent, including postage from China.

There are loads of videos and websites dealing with clicker training, so i won’t bore you with the details. Click here for a decent introduction to this positive reinforcement training method.

My aspirations do not involve me dancing in sequins with a cane and the Rottie’s jumping through flaming hoops, sadly no. Basic obedience is the aim of the game here, for everybody’s’ benefit.

Bane already has some basic obedience; sit, down, stay and come; it just needs sharpening up a bit. Initially, fetch was a complete mystery to him, along with treats as a reward. I spent the first two weeks just bonding with him, and found he loves a good groom as a reward, just as much as a gravy bone.

Rocky on the other-hand I would describe as precious. He, unlike Bane, was obviously accustomed to indoor living. We’ve only a week but already he has his little routines, not only is he house trained but he waits to have his paws wiped when he comes in from outside. Bane took to the clicker conditioning straight away, whereas Rocky was initially frightened by the noise.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how these dogs progress with their training. They are both approached two years of age, but they have very different personalities; everything is new to Bane, he’s like an oversized puppy. Rocky, on the other-hand, is quite sensible, grown up and worldly wise.

Watch this space or check out the boys’ blog on tumblr.

One thought on “Week 5 – Rescue Tails – Let the training begin.

  1. Am enjoying these posts about the foundlings!!!
    I’ve seen the clicker used in Europe and it seems to be a very successful method.
    When my sister got her first dog (collie mix) in mid-December one year she went to an RSPCA training course with lots of people who had received dogs as Christmas presents – from cocker spaniels to Rottweilers. She learnt so much she has trained all her dogs alone since then.

    She used to put the latest ( a jack russel cross-breed ) in a cage in the kitchen when he misbehaved – took months but he did modify his behaviour . Don’t know if it was the cage or simply time as the pup matured.
    Anyway, best of luck with your 2

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