What will 2015 bring? An Irish perspective.

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Well what do you know, it’s New Year’s Eve, again. A time to reflect on the year gone by, and take strength for the new one to come, and boy will we need it!


The Pantone colour of the year is:

Marsala; ‘A subtly seductive shade that draws us into it’s warmth’, according to the description on the website.

Which is probably a good choice, seen as we’re facing into a year of apparently ‘decisive’ elections in Europe.

Greece, Britain, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Estonia are all going to the polls, with centre right and centre left parties predicted to come off worst.

No doubt Fine Gael and Labour will be watching closely.

Though I can’t see how they’ll appease the electorate after another year of disastrously implementing austerity policies; Irish Water was a complete shambles, figures showed us an unprecedented forty-five families a month being made homeless in the state along with the Áras Attracta scandal, which highlighted ongoing abuse of the vulnerable in this country.

The Government will need more than the comforting warmth of Pantone 18-1438 on it’s election manifestos, IF (that’s a big ‘if’) it makes it through the year.

With hundreds of thousands of citizens taking to the streets of the capital, and across the country in 2014 (not forgetting the Ballyhea protest, last Sunday was week 200), 2015 looks like the year to top that.

Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram

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On a lighter note, maybe this year isn’t such a good year for an Irish election, seen as it’s the Chinese year of the sheep (goat or ram). This may not mean much to you unless you were born in the year of the sheep (go google it; clue, 55-56, 67-68, 79-80, 91-92). If you were, then the advice is stay put, don’t buy a house (in Ireland that’s not an issue) you’ll have no promotion or salary rise (again, here in Ireland, not an issue) and stay away from machinery and sharp things.

So lay low, 2016 is coming. A centenary to remember! Tiofádh ár bliain!

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