Does my opinion really matter?

I’ve read so many blog titles recently entitled ‘my opinion of …….’ or ‘what I think of ……’ that I felt compelled to write one of my own.

As a reasonably educated dissenter I feel sometimes I am silenced by the blog, not empowered.
The realisation that this post is a lot of hot air is probably dawning on you now; and you’d be right.
I am cunningly feeder my ego with a blasé post to share across my social media accounts, while in reality I have drafted letters to my local T.D, the minister for education and the data protection commissioner; all widely accepted democratic channels, about POD (Primary Online Database).

Does my opinion really matter? Of course it does, just as much, if not more I would argue than the paid pundits on a panel show.
And so does your opinion matter, but if you have an issue that fires you up so much you have to blog about it, make sure you follow it up by contacting the powers that be and make sure they know about it too.

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