Dog Training and Mentors.


Dog Training and Mentors.

In dog training it is difficult to both observe and simultaneously to train the dog. What “feels” right to us might look very different to the onlooker. When we feel that our dog is in the correct heelwork position, for instance, perhaps we might be surprised to be told that our posture is anything but helpful and that we are in fact putting the dog wide, forward or behind us. It can be hard to tell just by looking down at the creature.

Step forward the Mentor.

What is a Mentor? Someone who listens to you and offers you informed guidance and help?

A Mentor, in short, is someone who knows a bit about the thing. And someone who has your best interests at heart.

You can find lots of the former…those who know plenty. The latter? Not so much.

Some people have plenty of knowledge…

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