Shane Tuohey death – a significant breakthrough

Philip Boucher-Hayes


While on a night out in Clara, Co Offaly in February 2002 Shane Tuohey disappeared. His body was found by his brother a week later in the river Brosna. His family suspected foul play, the Gardaí treated it as if it was a suicide.

At the time Gardaí collected CCTV tapes from around the town. Those tapes would have been critical to establishing what happened that night but Gardaí lost them. Now I have seen correspondence which shows that thirteen years on those tapes have been found, and the facts about what happened may now be established.

The Gardaí investigating this case appear to have operated on the basis that Shane had taken his own life. But there was a lot of evidence pointing towards Shane having been assaulted. Two independent coroner’s reports concluding homicide. Contradictory witness statements from his alleged assailants.

However nobody’s movements on the night could be…

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