Do something that scares you.

The fun of the show

All the fun of the Show ©2015. A beginner handler and dog (Rocky & myself) depicted in a competitive obedience ring with learner plates and a multitude of distractions around us. 

Take a competitive obedience newbie add a two year old Rottweiler dog from the pound, mix well and you get quite a year!

We’ve had many ups and a few downs but finding the right trainer was key. Her socratic approach to teaching with my philosophical attitude means in the past 9 months I’ve learned to control my reaction to challenging situations both inside and outside the competition ring.

There’s a famous quote, sometimes attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, concerning doing something everyday that scares you. I guess what she meant by that is to challenge yourself and you might learn something new.

I’m not saying that everybody should adopt a Rottweiler from a pound  and compete with him (but feel free if you have the time and space, there are loads of beautiful dogs waiting for their forever home at your local shelter) but I wholeheartedly recommend doing something new and sticking with it, even when you feel like giving up; the experience could be life changing.

2 thoughts on “Do something that scares you.

  1. I like Rhodesian ridgebacks myself, also a somewhat challenging breed to beginners; and you’re absolutely right about finding the right trainer; I feel the thing is to learn from the initial experience and learn how to train on your own. Not easy, but like you said, do something that scares you every day. Makes you less afraid, and helps the canine feel more secure at the same. Thanks.

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