Short Documentary Review: Sober Minds

This smart new offering from Charlo Johnson is a stand out piece of documentary filmmaking. Charlo’s hard work and dedication to the art is evident in all 17 minutes of this ode to the trials of urban life; both human and animal.

Widely acclaimed and published Nature Photographer, Paul Hughes is our urban safari guide; with photographs syndicated throughout Europe, America and Asia, we learn that Paul rates getting onto the front page of the Irish papers and the response he gets from an Irish audience as the best thrill.

Along with insights into his stunning work, we learn about Paul’s personal life, growing up in Dublin, the sacrifices he’s made and why he now likes sober minds.

With award winning cinematography from Andrei Ghenoside and Jaroslava Waldeck, editing by Mark Gilleece and illustrations from Toshiki Nakamura; Sober Minds is a visually superb film.

The ethereal sounds of Rob Smith’s Swedish Orchestra (with a brief interjection by Ministry) give this film a therapeutic quality and a feeling that at the end of the 17 minutes we’ve all been on a journey of discovery.

I highly recommend this film and know that all involved are destined for great things.


Watch the Sober Minds trailer here.

For more information on Sober Minds including information on screenings please click here.



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