Wild Motoring.

Shark car

A bit of fun with a car interior. But can you name the car?

I love what the owner’s done with this car; besides saving a fortune not buying turtle wax. But has it gone ‘au naturale’ past all recognition?

Leave your guesses in the comments below.

Do something that scares you.

The fun of the show

All the fun of the Show ©2015. A beginner handler and dog (Rocky & myself) depicted in a competitive obedience ring with learner plates and a multitude of distractions around us. 

Take a competitive obedience newbie add a two year old Rottweiler dog from the pound, mix well and you get quite a year!

We’ve had many ups and a few downs but finding the right trainer was key. Her socratic approach to teaching with my philosophical attitude means in the past 9 months I’ve learned to control my reaction to challenging situations both inside and outside the competition ring.

There’s a famous quote, sometimes attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, concerning doing something everyday that scares you. I guess what she meant by that is to challenge yourself and you might learn something new.

I’m not saying that everybody should adopt a Rottweiler from a pound  and compete with him (but feel free if you have the time and space, there are loads of beautiful dogs waiting for their forever home at your local shelter) but I wholeheartedly recommend doing something new and sticking with it, even when you feel like giving up; the experience could be life changing.

Parrot saves Man from house-fire – Continually Updated


Irish man, Nigel O’Connor owes his life to his pet African Grey Parrot, Bobo after a fire destroyed his home just outside Kingscourt, Co.Cavan.
Along with losing his home and all his belongings; he also lost four pet cockatiels.
If it wasn’t for the squawks of Bobo, Nigel said, I would never have woken up. I owe my life to Bobo.

The strong and generous community are now organising a fund to rebuild Nigel and Bobo’s home (contact Kingscourt Credit Union, for details on how to donate)

I’ll keep you updated, it would be very much appreciated if you could share this story.
There is a Facebook page set up by Nigel’s family called ‘SOS DIY appeal’.


The Sun, as always, has the pun to beat all puns; they ran with

I Was Rescued by the Flier Brigade



The Irish Independent


First group photo of volunteers helping clean out Nigel’s house on Day 1 – Saturday 13th December 2014.