North East,Easter 1916 Commemorations


Easter 1916 Commemoration, Market Square, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.

The South Monaghan Easter 1916 Commemoration Committee, with support from Monaghan County Council, unveiled a 1916 Easter Rising monument on the Market Square following a parade through the town on Easter Monday 2016.


M.A.D Youth Theatre Easter 1916 Performance, Courthouse, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

As part of the nationwide re-imagining the Easter Rising events, members of M.A.D Youth Theatre Dundalk gave a very well received public performance at midday outside the courthouse on Easter Monday.

Dundalk warms to International Women’s Day 


image copyright Julie Corcoran photography.

Driving through Dundalk tonight I spotted this multicoloured ‘yarnbomb’in the town centre.  I had to pullover to grab a few shots. 
Amongst the little pink bollard hats,  pompom-adorned trees, woolly daffodil benches and patchwork litter bin covers were warm messages of support from the responsible parties; members of the ICA Louth Federation to celebrate  International Women’s Day. 


Tractor sunrise

Shepherd’s Warning. Image ©Julie Corcoran 2016. 

With rumours concerning the date of the upcoming General Election here in Ireland; could this morning’s other-worldly sunrise indicate that Enda Kenny and his party, Fine Gael, are engaging more than just the services of political advisors to secure another term in office?

Aurora Borealis


The Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as The Northern Lights, as seen from Ireland on New Year’s Eve 2015. ©Julie Corcoran 

Aurora begins

Aurora Borealis show begins just before midnight on New Year’s Eve 2015. ©Julie Corcoran.