A Day in Dublin.


Keywest playing an impromptu gig at the top of Grafton Street. Image credit Julie Corcoran ©2015.

After leaving St. Stephen’s Green park our ears led us to the top of Grafton street where Keywest, a band that cut its teeth busking on the very same street, were promoting their new album, Joyland.

Needless to say we picked up a signed copy, watch this space, they’re really very good.

The Aim of Art…… – Aristotle

Rocky Text with rose

image copyright agsmaoineamh.com

Since contacting the house of Givenchy with regard to one of their designers’ depiction of a snarling Rottweiler (click for full post here) I have been working on some alternative images with one of my rescue Rottie’s, who, it turns out, not only loves obedience competitions, but also posing in front of the camera.

I’ll pass it onto Givenchy on the off chance they’re looking for some original, un-clichéd images of Rottweilers.

Rocky Rabbit 2

image copyright agsmaoineamh.com

Update – Reply from Givenchy this morning. 

Snooze like you mean it.

snooze (1)


Me – I think I’ll give your room a spring clean today.

Seven year old – Good. Will you be doing it while I’m in school or after school?

Me – While you’re in school.

Seven year old – Good. That means you have six hours.

Me – Please tell me you’re learning about time in school.

Seven year old – Yes.

Bull Terrier



I love this picture.

The way black and white brings out the crisp paisley swirls of the bandana,

The way his thick meandering neck pools into ripples around his ears

The way that even from above; he’s unmistakably a bully.