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Tasty bit of Cavan. Image copyright Julie Corcoran.

Each year the Taste of Cavan grows just that little bit tastier; filling three indoor arenas at the Cavan Equestrian Centre just off the N3. 

But come early, the huge free carpark fills quickly and with enough to interest the whole family for a full day, very few cars leave before late afternoon. 

Taste of Cavan, 12th & 13th August 2016.

Taghart Mountain, County Cavan, Ireland.

Taghart lake

Taghart mountain and lake. ©AgSmaoneamh2015

“In olden times there was a fair held at Taghart mountain…….This fair was something like the Tailteann festival – it lasted a week. Sports and races were held and the old race-course can still be pointed out. In the foot-races the competitors ran over a large field at the foot of the mountain and evidently they swam across one part of the lake. It was an annual event, and it would be at least two hundred years since it was last held.”

A local account on the history and folklore of Taghart mountain recorded in 1941.

Taghart mountain is quite a special place and not far from Loughanleagh.

Below Taghart lies Ralaghan bog where an anthropomorphic figure, referred to as Ralaghan Man, was originally discovered and now can be seen on display in the National Museum, Dublin.


We get very excited about snow in Ireland, especially in rural communities where the pace of life is slower. We get so excited and the roads become so treacherous, even with just a few centimetres, that it’s safer to stay home.

‘Sneachta’ from the Irish, snow, doesn’t come every year, probably just as well!

Parrot saves Man from house-fire – Continually Updated


Irish man, Nigel O’Connor owes his life to his pet African Grey Parrot, Bobo after a fire destroyed his home just outside Kingscourt, Co.Cavan.
Along with losing his home and all his belongings; he also lost four pet cockatiels.
If it wasn’t for the squawks of Bobo, Nigel said, I would never have woken up. I owe my life to Bobo.

The strong and generous community are now organising a fund to rebuild Nigel and Bobo’s home (contact Kingscourt Credit Union, for details on how to donate)

I’ll keep you updated, it would be very much appreciated if you could share this story.
There is a Facebook page set up by Nigel’s family called ‘SOS DIY appeal’.


The Sun, as always, has the pun to beat all puns; they ran with

I Was Rescued by the Flier Brigade



The Irish Independent


First group photo of volunteers helping clean out Nigel’s house on Day 1 – Saturday 13th December 2014.