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Tasty bit of Cavan. Image copyright Julie Corcoran.

Each year the Taste of Cavan grows just that little bit tastier; filling three indoor arenas at the Cavan Equestrian Centre just off the N3. 

But come early, the huge free carpark fills quickly and with enough to interest the whole family for a full day, very few cars leave before late afternoon. 

Taste of Cavan, 12th & 13th August 2016.

Chicken Cornflake Bake


This chicken bake was inspired by visits Poppies in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. Apparently it’s their most popular chicken dish and once you taste it you’ll know why.

Cover chicken thighs or whatever pieces you have on the bone (essential for flavour) into a big pot and cover with milk. Add a bay leaf, 5 whole peppercorns and half an onion.
Bring to boil and cook til chicken is cooked.

In a separate pan sweat onions and celery then add 3 tablespoons of flour.
Add milk from cooked chicken til you get a nice sauce. Add flaked almonds and chicken pieces and put in an oven dish. Cover with crushed corn flakes, bake til piping hot.


From to Starter to Delish

After nearly week of tending to my freaky little yeast farm…….Image

my ever multiplying microbes survived and contributed to this yummy wheat leaven country loaf.

I left the dough to prove in a basket lined with a new/dry dish cloth as there is not a hope of getting proper proving baskets where I live and with a maxed out visa denying any internet indulgences, I had to be resourceful.


Sourdough Starters

Something I’ve always wanted to try………Image

Sourdough Starters…..one made from Rye Flour, the other from Stoneground Wholemeal. No fancy stuff just flour and warm water added every day for four days now. If it’s a success I will be making yummy sourdough bread…..if not I will be back to making scones (Please Note: There is nothing wrong with scones!)

The yeast is creating CO2 bubbles and kids think it’s gross….so far so good!


Fav Bread Recipe this week

Follow the link for my obsession this week, Milk bread recipes

The best way to guarantee something edible when trying out recipes….. is to keep trying out recipes!

If something doesn’t work, try it again, or find a food writer whose recipes work for you. This week I ripped out and stuck Dan Lepard’s Milk bread recipe from the guardian magazine to my fridge and have tried out the variations and the bread is yummy. Click on the link above. I’ve also included pics here of the prove.

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