From to Starter to Delish

After nearly week of tending to my freaky little yeast farm…….Image

my ever multiplying microbes survived and contributed to this yummy wheat leaven country loaf.

I left the dough to prove in a basket lined with a new/dry dish cloth as there is not a hope of getting proper proving baskets where I live and with a maxed out visa denying any internet indulgences, I had to be resourceful.


Sourdough Starters

Something I’ve always wanted to try………Image

Sourdough Starters… made from Rye Flour, the other from Stoneground Wholemeal. No fancy stuff just flour and warm water added every day for four days now. If it’s a success I will be making yummy sourdough bread…..if not I will be back to making scones (Please Note: There is nothing wrong with scones!)

The yeast is creating CO2 bubbles and kids think it’s gross….so far so good!