Budget 2012

Those who may be excluded and marginalised from participating in activities which are considered
the norm for other people in society are considered to be deprived. The identification of the
marginalised or deprived is currently achieved on the basis of a set of eleven basic deprivation
1. Two pairs of strong shoes
2. A warm waterproof overcoat
3. Buy new (not second-hand) clothes
4. Eat meat with meat, chicken, fish (or vegetarian equivalent) every second day
5. Have a roast joint or its equivalent once a week
6. Had to go without heating during the last year through lack of money
7. Keep the home adequately warm
8. Buy presents for family or friends at least once a year
9. Replace any worn out furniture
10. Have family or friends for a drink or meal once a month
11. Have a morning, afternoon or evening out in the last fortnight for entertainment
Individuals who experience two or more of the eleven listed items are considered to be
experiencing enforced deprivation. This is the basis for calculating the deprivation rate.


The above definition is used as the basis for statics compiled for the Survey of Income and Living Conditions (SILC) in Ireland by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Which you can find here; http://tinyurl.com/c6pgbnj

You only have to experience two of the above to be considered as ‘experiencing enforced deprivation’.

The upcoming two day budget has never before meant so much to so many; mainly due to the fact that more citizens then ever will experience enforced deprivation.

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